Spirit Tribe Video Library

Missed one of the Live classes, or want to retake one of your favorites? They are all here in the video library!

Quick Classes

~5-25 mins

Rise & Shine. Yoga for Core. Kick-your-Asana. Lunchtime Flow. Meditation.

Regular Length Classes

~25-45 mins

Rise & Shine. Yoga for Core. Gentle Flow. Yoga Nidra. Lunchtime Flow. Meditation. Kick-your-Asana.

Full Length Classes

~45-60+ mins

Vinyasa Flow. Relaxation/Yin. Beginners Flow. Zen Yoga. VinYin. Yoga Nidra.

Break a Sweat!

Yoga for core. Kick-your-Asana. Vinyasa Flow. Fun Flow. Lunchtime Flow.

Slow Down

Relaxation. Yin. Zen. Gentle.


Best of both worlds

Yoga for Beginners

Beginner’s Flow.

Note: All Spirit Tribe classes are suitable for beginners

Rise & Shine

30 mins to start your day off right.

Meditation & Breath-work

Breathe & Meditate.

Breath-work (Pranayama) is the best tool to drop into your meditations even deeper. 

Yoga Nidra

Sleep Based Guided Meditation

Yoga Basics

Learn the Foundations

Find Classes From Your Favorite Teacher

Ready for a Change?

We aren’t your normal yoga studio! Spirit Tribe 

brings you an interactive yoga experience, from

our homes to yours.