Spirit Tribe Video Library

Missed one of the Live classes, or want to retake one of your favorites? They are all here in the video library!

Break a Sweat!

Yoga for core. Kick-your-Asana. Vinyasa Flow. Fun Flow. Lunchtime Flow.

Quick Classes

~5-35 mins

Rise & Shine. Yoga for Core. Kick-your-Asana. Lunchtime Flow. Meditation.

Full Length Classes

~40-60 mins

Vinyasa Flow. Relaxation/Yin. Beginners Flow. Zen Yoga. VinYin. Yoga Nidra.

Meditation & Breathwork

Meditation & Pranayama. This is where the magic happens. 

Slow Down

Relaxation. Yin. Zen. Gentle.


Best of both worlds

Yoga for Beginners

Beginner’s Flow.

Note: All Spirit Tribe classes are suitable for beginners

Rise & Shine

30 mins to start your day off right.

Specialty Classes

Classes designed for specific purposes.

Yoga Nidra

Sleep Based Guided Meditation

Yoga Basics

Learn the Foundations

Ready for a Change?

We aren’t your normal yoga studio! Spirit Tribe 

brings you an interactive yoga experience, from

our homes to yours.